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AMAZING Fairy Floss Art for lolly buffet magic

AMAZING Fairy Floss Art for lolly buffet magic

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While brightly coloured cotton candy art isn’t a new concept, Chinese street vendors have taken it to the next level.
Videos have emerged of various chefs in ChongQing China creating stunning larger than life cotton candy flowers.
The multicoloured creations are made in under three minutes, with one video showing a craftsman dressed in his chef whites, making the flower in a simple street side stall.

A lot for less: The giant creation takes just three minutes to make and costs just 12 Yuan ($2.60)

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According to those who have experienced the treat, it both ‘looks and tastes amazing’ and only costs 12 Yuan – just $2.60.
‘This guy’s cotton candy game is out of this world,’ one fan wrote on Facebook.
‘Amazingly skillful,’ another said.

‘This man is an artist on par with Picasso’: Social media users have raved about the skills of the craftsmen
Chinese locals and tourists have taken to Instagram, raving about the skills involved and sharing photos of the experience.
‘It’s pretty, it’s edible, it’s a #cottoncandyflower!’ One user wrote.
‘Oh the dilemma! How do you eat something so pretty?’

‘This man is an artist on par with Picasso,’ another said, ‘I would be happy paying this dude like 10 bucks for one of these.’


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