Birthday Lolly Buffet

Whether it be a kids birthday party or a 50th birthday bash, you can count on us create the ultimate birthday lolly buffet to impress your guests.

We have created a birthday lolly buffet across a range of age groups and styles – super hero parties, rockstar parties, Hollywood glam parties, Bollywood parties through to more mature themes for birthdays, anniversaries and festive season parties.

If you’re looking for a special idea that your guests never could have expected, your birthday lolly buffet is only a phone call away. Click here to view our contact information.

If you are seeking something sweet for your birthday, but aspire to something more upmarket and memorable than a bowl of party mix and Twisties, then a lolly candy buffet is the perfect alternative.

We can come to your home or venue, set up your birthday lolly buffet in beautiful glass jars (or acrylic jars for kids birthday parties) that match your parties theme in both style and colour and then clear it all away at the end.

Unlike our competition, we’re professional designers who have perfected our craft through experience. A birthday candy buffet is the superior option for these reasons:

  1. It is ornamental as well as delicious.
  2. It serves as an excellent ice-breaker for your older guests.
  3. Kids go nuts for it!
  4. Lolly favourites served by the scoop reminds everybody of the child they used to be.
  5. Our beautiful lolly boxes give your guests the perfect souvenir to take home from your birthday party.

The ultimate kids birthday lolly buffet

Our favourite kind of kids birthday lolly buffet is our “Pretty In Pink” theme. Pinks, whites and reds get everybody excited and everybody knows that it’s chocolate, not diamonds, that are a girl’s best friend. But this is only one of our favourite birthday lolly buffet styles!

We have done calypso beach parties, mermaid parties, and we’d have to be dreaming if we didn’t think that an Avatar party isn’t on the horizon soon!

Adults love a birthday lolly buffet too!

Don’t think it’s just the kids who will get stuck into a birthday lolly ¬†buffet – we’ve been to countless parties where kids have had to stand in line while the adults helped themselves to our delicious lolly buffets.

A lolly buffet can serve as the perfect backdrop to your birthday party as your guests continue to gravitate towards it.

So contact us today for the perfect birthday lolly buffet.