The Candy Buffet Gallery of Past Work and Ideas.  Please select from one of the below categories or scroll through our many favourites!!
Cake Pops & Macarons on Candy Buffets
Mary Poppins - Show Opening Night
Debbie's 60th Birthday
BHP Holiday Celebration
Tiger Mist Store Opening
The Voice Australia - 2016 Grand Final
The Original Golden Wedding Candy Buffet
Chocolate Candy Buffet
Adriano Zumbo & Gigi Falanga - Just Desserts
Australia Post Lolly Buffet
L'Aqua Candy Buffet
Hughesy Comedy Buffet
Gunners Barracks Wedding Lolly Buffets
Sydney Christmas Candy Bar
White & Cream Wedding Candy Buffets
ISES Gala Event
Megan Hess PR Event Lolly Buffet
Tiffany & Co.
Alex Perry Fashion Launch
Black & White Wedding Lolly Buffet
The ASTRA Industry Awards
Birthday Intimate Candy Buffet
Natalie Bassingthwaighte Wedding
Matilda - Show Opening Night
Bar Mitzvah Candy Buffet
Intimate Home Buffet
Dave & Karen's Wedding Lolly Buffet
Josh & Jenna's Wedding
Neutrals & Pink Wedding
Katy Perry Candy Buffet at MYER
Expo Lolly Bar Brisbane
Lego Launch
Project NZ Tourism - AIME 2015
Calleija Jewellery Installation
Royce Hotel Video
Nicole & Damien
Portmans Product Launch
Ice Styled Candy Buffet
Halloween Lolly Buffet
Hawthorn Football Club Candy Buffet
The AGE - Race Day Luncheon
Rocky & Bronwyn's Lolly Buffet
Winery Wedding Buffet
Silver Wedding Lolly Buffet
Sketch Candy Buffet
Shabby Chic
Charlie Brown Fashion Display
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