The Candy Buffet Gallery of Past Work and Ideas.  Please select from one of the below categories or scroll through our many favourites!!
The Original Golden Wedding Candy Buffet
The Voice Australia - 2016 Grand Final
Perfect Lolly Buffet - BHP Holiday Celebration
Tiger Mist Store Opening
Chocolate Candy Buffet
Arlen's 1st Birthday Candy Bar
Mary Poppins - Show Opening Night
Cake Pops & Macarons on Candy Buffets
Willy Wonka Christmas Candy Buffet
Camilla Lolly Buffet Brand Launch
Adriano Zumbo & Gigi Falanga - Just Desserts
Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffets
L'Aqua Candy Buffet
Hughesy Comedy Buffet
White & Cream Wedding Candy Buffets
Debbie's 60th Birthday Candy Buffet
Australia Post Lolly Buffet
Sydney Christmas Candy Bar
Gunners Barracks Wedding Lolly Buffets
ISES Gala Event - The Classic White Lolly Buffet
Alex Perry Fashion Launch
Tiffany & Co.
Megan Hess PR Event Lolly Buffet
Black & White Wedding Lolly Buffet
Natalie Bassingthwaighte Wedding
Matilda - Show Opening Night
Birthday Intimate Candy Buffet
The ASTRA Industry Awards
Intimate Home Buffet
Bar Mitzvah Candy Buffet
Dave & Karen's Wedding Lolly Buffet
Josh & Jenna's Wedding
Neutrals & Pink Wedding
Expo Lolly Bar Brisbane
Lego Launch
Katy Perry Candy Buffet at MYER
Project NZ Tourism - AIME 2015
Calleija Jewellery Installation
Nicole & Damien
Royce Hotel Video
Portmans Product Launch
Halloween Lolly Buffet
Ice Styled Candy Buffet
Hawthorn Football Club Candy Buffet
Winery Wedding Buffet
The AGE - Race Day Luncheon
Silver Wedding Lolly Buffet
Rocky & Bronwyn's Lolly Buffet
Sketch Candy Buffet
Charlie Brown Fashion Display
Shabby Chic
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