Top 10 Candy Urban Legends

Read about the top ten candy urban legends on The Candy Buffet Company blog. 10. The Exploding Jawbreaker in the Microwave This one is true, true, true and was proven so by the MythBusters. Nobody can explain exactly why, but microwaving a giant jawbreaker will turn it into a very dangerous molten sugar grenade. Also, … Continue reading Top 10 Candy Urban Legends

Stunning Cocoa Grab Could Hike Prices, Lower Quality

The Candy Buffet Company blog article about stunning cocoa

Parents worldwide may agree that too much chocolate is a bad thing, but one British hedge fund manager clearly would differ. Last week Anthony Ward, manager of the hedge fund Armajaro Holdings, made a big bet on the rising price of chocolate by picking up about $1 billion worth of cocoa beans. And in a … Continue reading Stunning Cocoa Grab Could Hike Prices, Lower Quality

World’s Most Expensive Lollipops

World's most expensive lollipop blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

EDIBLE GOLD LOLLIPOP The Swiss luxury confectioners at DeLafée are known for their silver and gold sweets and, in keeping with that tradition, created a lollipop sprinkled with edible gold flakes. Aside from the gold, they used the “finest ingredients” to justify the $38.50 price tag on this strawberry sucker. Of course, watching your girlfriend … Continue reading World’s Most Expensive Lollipops

Trafford chocolatiers invade Pentagon armed with candy

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi buys them. Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin loves them, too. Chocolates, truffles, fudge and nut brittles, handcrafted in Trafford for nearly a century, have made their way to the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. Pentagon employees have been on the customer list of Sherm Edwards Candies since its upscale Edward … Continue reading Trafford chocolatiers invade Pentagon armed with candy