Candymaker claims bonbon leaves skin rose-scented

Candymaker claims bonbon leaves skin rose-scented – new candy news! Want to come up smelling of roses? Chew on this. A candy manufacturer claims to have invented a hard candy that leaves the skin smelling of roses. After chewing on the sweets, rose oil components are emitted through the pores of the skin via an ingredient called geraniol.

According to a report from industry web publication, Bulgarian sweets manufacturer Alpi has come out with bonbons that it claims have the ability to sweeten both the tongue and body. The sweets  are called Deo Perfume Candy.

Theirs isn’t the first dual-powered confectionary. A chewing gum in Japan also claims to both freshen your breath and your body. Fuwarinka gum, which comes in fresh citrus, fruity rose and rose menthol, is marketed as a men’s deodorizing gum: after an hour of chewing the gum, the special exudes a rose scent from the skin and combats body odor, the gum claims.

But that’s not all. The gum also purportedly has anti-aging properties, thanks to added Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Meanwhile, the Deo Perfume Candy was recently featured at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva last month.

While the Japanese chewing gum is geared towards men, the Deo Perfume Candy is marketed heavily towards women and could be sold as a perfume replacement.

The perfume confectionary will hit Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary first, reports


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