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Crush Leftover Candy Canes into Dust for Minty Lattes, Cookies, or Ice Cream

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If you have candy canes sitting around after the holidays, you can turn them into a tasty peppermint topping for cookies, ice cream, and even coffee. All you need is a hammer, or better yet, a food processor.

Turn Your Candy Canes Into Holiday Candy Dust - Candy Buffet Company Turn Your Candy Canes Into Holiday Candy Dust! Blog-Candy-Cane-Dust-1 Great Chai Topper!!

Unwrap the candy canes, break them into pieces, and put them in your food processor or blender to crush into a peppermint dust. If you don’t have a food processor or blender, a heavy pan, hammer, or rubber mallet will work. Put the candy pieces into a plastic bag, seal them up tight, and lay them on your counter with a towel under the bag to avoid damaging the countertop. Smash the candy canes until you get the size you want. Store the crushed canes in an airtight container, and keep them as long as you like.

Peppermint Candy Cane Dust | Mama Loves Food!

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