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Easter Candy Lego Feast

Posted by: The Candy Buffet Company on Wed, May 7th, 2014 | Source

An Easter Candy Feast Made Entirely Of LEGO

It wouldn’t be Easter without candy, and it wouldn’t be a holiday at Kotaku without LEGO. Let’s kill two sugar-coated marshmallow birds with one Creme Egg.

This lovely Easter basket build comes from the skilled hands of Tyler (Legohaulic) and Michaela Clites (littlehaulic), crafted as part of an Iron Builder competition round. Competitors are given a seed piece — in the case a yellow sloped round piece new for 2014 — and they have to use it in their build. Check out the competition page for more info.

Tyler and Michaela created two pieces, the basket about, and the Peeps box below. The box was supposed to go in the basket but ended up being too big, so it flew solo.

Their competition, Sean and Steph Mayo (Siercon and Coral), also went the Peep route, but took a different approach. Note the use of an old LEGO Universe sticker for the box label, and the wrapper? It’s a LEGO parts bag, so it’s totally legit.

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Hopefully these lovely creations will be enough to keep me from robbing my children’s Easter baskets of their sweet, sweet bounty.


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