Carousel Candy Bar by The Candy Buffet Company

Lolly Buffet at Carousel, Albert Park

Wedding Lolly Buffet

Well, we’ve just returned from delivering a candy buffet at the home of bridal receptions in Albert Park, Carousel. For the uninitiated, Carousel has a long and distinguished reputation of attaining the pinnacle of wedding receptions. Tonight’s reception was no exception.

Colours are daring and reflect personality at the best of time. However, sometimes an all white wedding and an all white candy buffet to match is classic, timeless and unforgettable. This is the direction our clients took for their wedding candy bar at Carousel. We knew, as we put the finishing touches to the candy buffet this afternoon, the initial reactions captured everything our clients could have hoped for.

Chocolate of all varieties formed the candy buffet.  Guests will delight in tearing a petal from the Sisko Chocolate flower throughout the evening.

All our love and best wishes to the bride and groom. May your days together be happy, satisfying and hopefully that little bit sweet and decadent.


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