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Delicious Details: How To Plan The Perfect Candy Buffet

Perfect Candy Buffet

Regardless of whether you are hiring a candy buffet professional or doing it yourself, there are a few important considerations involved in the successful delivery of a candy buffet that have very little to do with what goes into the jars. The how and where of a candy buffet is just as important as the what.

Let’s begin with how you are going to position the candy buffet at your reception. You have a few alternatives – it can be either tucked away in a discreet area of the room or the foyer of the venue or place it as the very centerpiece of the reception room for maximum impact.

Another alternative is something not very commonly seen, and that is to reveal it towards the end of the night. It can really give the reception a second-wind especially when some of the older guests are beginning to eye the door for an early evening.

Note: Don’t opt for a few jars on every table in the reception. While it may look OK, guests will tuck in long before their mains arrive.

Also consider at which end the guests will queue? Will this block throughfares, or worse still, the dance floor? We’ve seen queues as long as 75 metres for a candy buffet so don’t underestimate this important point.

Opening the candy buffet also requires a little thought.

We have come across a few venues that have actually removed the lids prior to the guests arriving at the venue which is a no-no. Forget the fact that it gives your guests a chance to spoil their dinner for which you have probably paid a pretty penny, but some of the lollies may spoil or harden prior to the buffet being ready for guests. If you don’t believe me, poor some rock candy into an open glass and leave it for half an hour, you’ll see what I mean.

A common opening time is around 9:30pm after dessert. It’s incredible how a small 6 inch sign telling guests this actually holds them at bay so don’t forget it.

When it is time to open, have the venue staff remove the lids and place them out of sight under the table. You don’t want guests with a bag in on hand, a scoop in another and a glass lid wedged under their wing as they attack the sugared almonds. Seeing lids littered across the buffet table is a really bad look too.

Chances are you will store refills under the buffet table. Make sure your venue is briefed on how to handle this tricky situation.  And even if they have been briefed, remind them again during the evening. We see too many buffets that everybody thought were finished only to find boxes of uneaten candy underneath.

Replenishment takes no longer than 3-4 minutes and gives venue staff a quick chance to clean the table of any stray lollies, bags or tongs.

Staff should inform the person at the head of the queue that if they don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes, staff are refilling the buffet so the guests can enjoy the full buffet again. Most guests are understanding of this and will protect their “head of the queue” status by informing those behind them.

In conclusion, beyond the important aspects of position, opening and replenishment, don’t underestimate how much of an impact the candy buffet will have on your entire day. Your groom might, but you must not. They may remember the venue, they will hopefully remember your dress, but they will never forget the candy buffet and that’s a promise.

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