Spring Racing Carnival candy bar created by The Candy Buffet Company

Spring Racing Carnival Candy Bar

Spring Racing Carnival Candy Bar – This candy bar brought a classic spring feel with a contemporary touch. Created in preparation for the 2010 Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, we loved incorporating bird cages and heart-shaped lollipops in the design.

Coupled with gorgeous apothecary jars, the perfect spring colours, green, pink & white, complimented the display. Our stylist chose to position the lolly buffet in front of the window facing the racetrack.  Instantly, the lolly buffet became an amazing backdrop for the perfect Spring Racing Carnival.

Ladies and gents both enjoyed snacking on the treats all afternoon. When the day was over, all enjoyed filling up a Spring Racing lolly box with a little sweet treat for later.

Caulfield Racecourse Lolly Buffet Video:





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