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Summer’s Nearly Here

Childhood Ice Creams 
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Summer’s nearly here: 10 ice creams and lollies that you might have forgotten from your childhood

As the sun comes out your thoughts might be turning to cooler treats to get you through the day, who doesn’t love an ice lolly or ice cream?

In the freezer today you’ll find plenty of high end, gold-clad luxuries and frozen versions of popular chocolate bars but in the 80s and 90s it wasn’t all so glamorous.

If you fell into any shop that had the Wall’s or Lyons Maid flag hanging outside, or ran after the ice cream man every afternoon after playing all morning outdoors – following the off-note musical sounds as the faded van trundled down the road – you might be rewarded with a scoop of the local dairy produce in a wafer cone.

Or if you were lucky and modern enough your ice cream man might have a Mr Whippy machine that you could get a chocolate flake stuck into (for an extra 5p).

I would always like to spend my time queuing assessing the pictures of ice lollies that were stuck to the plastic serving hatch and working out what I could get for my money and the likelihood of it being actually in stock in the freezer – because your favourites were always snapped up first.

Instead of a Solero or a Magnum or a Cornetto I sometimes really hanker after something a little more old school, something on a wooden (not plastic) stick with a paper wrapper:

10. Freeze Pop

Freeze pops – the cheap but cheerful choice (Picture: Flickr/Ross Griff)The classic cheap treat for those that only had a few coins in their pocket. Basically a plastic tube of coloured water (all loosely flavoured the same) that had been frozen. Rip the top off and suck that baby until it goes clear.

9. Cider Barrel

Cider Barrel – not actually alcoholic, sadly (Picture: Supplied)The slightly more risque option. Suck up a few of these and pretend you were feeling a little bit tipsy. Tasted vaguely of sour apples. (There was also an even more naughty Lager n Lime or Cherry Brandy lolly, but these were rare).

8. Funny Feet

Funny Feet. Best ice cream ever? (Picture: Supplied)Pink ice cream in the shape of a foot on a stick. Seriously. You’d bite the toes off one by one until you just had a misshapen blob. You can buy them again now in boxes branded as some funny throwback, they’re smaller than they were and not as funny.

7. Screwball

Bubblegum at the bottom of an ice cream? It worked (Picture: Supplied)Ripple ice cream in an upside down triangle tub, the surprise was the bubble gum at the bottom. Always more expensive than everything else and always rather disappointing because you had to use two hands instead of one – which stopped you running around quite so much.

6. Lemonade Lolly

Lemonade sparkle – a classic (Picture: classic. White and with a slight fizz, this was for when you were very thirsty indeed. Even made the wooden stick taste of lemons. Also known as Sparkle.

5. Orange Maid

Nothing fancy about this one – which is probably why we never chose it (Picture: Rex)Orange squash frozen on a stick. There were always plenty of these left because no one ever wanted them. Kids today wouldn’t put up with this.

4. Choc Ice

A choc ice – the choice of parents This is what your parents would ask for. Or possibly a Mivvi if they were being daring. Whatever.

3. Zoom

Zoom – a rocket and a lolly (Picture: YouTube)Always good for an impromptu space fight scenario. Zooms were rarely eaten before they had flown through a few galaxies first. You can still buy the Rocket Lolly but not in the same cool packets.

2. Dracula

Nothing scary about this sucker (Picture: another ‘resurrected’ lolly, but the modern version has lost its teeth. Dracula in my day used to be red and black in the shape of the vampire himself and full of some type of goo.

1. The Finger

Yep – this existed (Picture: Supplied)No, I am not making this up. There was a lolly in the shape of a red hand with a pointing finger. Yes you used to suck on the finger and make rude gestures with it.  No you wouldn’t be able to eat one now.

(With apologies to fans of the Toffee Crumble, Fab, Mini Milk, Twister, Haunted House – the one with the skeleton – and Funny Face)

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