Frozen Themed 5th Birthday

Frozen themed lolly buffet delivered to Lollipops by The Candy Buffet Company

At The Candy Buffet Company, we can create a lolly buffet that is fit for a princess! No event is too big or too small. No suburb is too distant! We take lollies seriously. As one of the few companies in Australia lucky enough to work directly with Disney, we know how to make a child’s … Continue reading Frozen Themed 5th Birthday

Hannah & Brent’s Wedding Lolly Buffet

Brent & Hannah's exciting Helicopter & Wedding Lolly Buffet

Hannah & Brent’s Wedding Lolly Buffet was a joy to create. The happy couple Brent & Hannah have shared some special pictures from their special day; including an amazing helicopter ride and a custom lolly buffet from The Candy Buffet Company. From: The Frosted Petticoat Blog on Hannah & Brent’s Wedding The boys ready to … Continue reading Hannah & Brent’s Wedding Lolly Buffet

She makes candy for grownups

She teaches yoga at the Nashville Ballet. She’s an assistant to musician Buddy Miller. She’s a silk artist, a single mother, and she makes marshmallows — fancy, homemade square pillows of sweetness. Half dipped in chocolate, her flavors include espresso praline, chocolate chili, toasted coconut, espresso chocolate and rose cardamom. You might have spotted her … Continue reading She makes candy for grownups

The Mystery of the Halloween Candy Bowl

The trick behind why kids are drawn to certain treats. Every year as Halloween approaches, the kids in my neighborhood become fixated on one house, the one owned by the fireman who always hands out full-size candy bars. After years of being dissed for the “fun-size” bars I deliver (“Mom, smaller candy bars are not … Continue reading The Mystery of the Halloween Candy Bowl

World’s Most Expensive Lollipops

World's most expensive lollipop blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

EDIBLE GOLD LOLLIPOP The Swiss luxury confectioners at DeLafée are known for their silver and gold sweets and, in keeping with that tradition, created a lollipop sprinkled with edible gold flakes. Aside from the gold, they used the “finest ingredients” to justify the $38.50 price tag on this strawberry sucker. Of course, watching your girlfriend … Continue reading World’s Most Expensive Lollipops