Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Brisbane lolly buffet Rachels Bat Mitzvah kosher lolly buffet by The Candy Buffet Company

Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffet Thanks so much for everything – it was all amazing and looked absolutely spectacular. Loved the little rink you created….. thanks for doing a beautiful job. All the best Stella Rosenthal, Proud Mum

Liora’s Bat Mitzvah

Perth lolly buffet Bat Mitzvah lolly buffet for Brooke by The Candy Buffet Company

Kosher Lolly Buffet for Liora‘s Bat Mitzvah Oh my, the candy buffet was a massive hit. Everyone aged 2 to 92 loved it! Thanks so much for being so thorough and dedicated in the lead up. Much appreciated. My daughter Liora knew I’d organized it but even she got a shock when she saw it … Continue reading Liora’s Bat Mitzvah

Shanee’s Bat Mitzvah

Shanee’s Bat Mitzvah Kosher Candy Buffet Testimonial

Bat Mitzvah Ideas The Kosher Candy Buffet was beautiful and was a huge hit with our guests. Thank you so much and I would happily pass on any recommendations. The buffet was beautiful. Anne Katz, Mum at Carousel Albert Park