The Candy Buffet Company is a Telstra Micro Business VIC Awards 2016 Finalist

The Candy Buffet Company is a VIC Finalist in the Telstra Micro Business Awards 2016

2016 VIC Finalist for Telstra Award

The Candy Buffet Company – Telstra Victorian Micro Business Award Finalist


The Candy Buffet Company transports its customers back to their joyful childhood days of consuming colourful sweets and treats.  The boutique event company creates exquisite lolly buffet tables for any events including weddings, private parties or corporate events. The buffets are a vibrant display of lollies that are styled to suit each client’s need. With a new layout, theme and design for every event, clients are ensured that no two displays are ever the same.

The Candy Buffet Company offers clients something special that is not typically available from traditional catering companies. This unique point of difference results in repeat customers year after year and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

As special events will always play an important role in the events and hospitality industry, Cynthia Hawkins and husband Murphy, believe that their business will continue to thrive. In the last 12 months alone they have seen their followers on Facebook more than double, from 5,000 to 12,000 followers, reflecting a positive attitude from consumers.

Cynthia believes that having a candy buffet table at an event adds a new and exciting element to any occasion. The impressive displays always generate a positive atmosphere as they provide guests a unique location to congregate and have fun.

“We are continually challenging the customer service standards in the hospitality industry. We set the bar higher by consistently delivering superior service.”
Cynthia Hawkins, Owner


Please find the Telstra announcement here for more information on this achievement and a list of all the 2016 finalists here.


We made it - The Candy Buffet Company is a Telstra Micro Business VIC Awards 2016 Finalist

We made it!

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