1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Candy Buffets

Oh the joy of your babies 1st Birthday party! Gathering all of your loved ones, family and friends that you have made along your journey to celebrate the momentous 1st birthday celebration, is cause for an all out extravaganza.

Planning your child’s first birthday is an exciting time for you and your family. From selecting a theme, and figuring out how to incorporate it through out the entire birthday can however prove to be quite difficult.

Don’t waste another moment of energy, as a candy buffet is the perfect centrepiece for your child’s 1st birthday party.

At The Candy Buffet Company we have developed amazing lolly bas to match any theme that you have decided will suit your child! We have listed below a few just to tantalise your taste buds, and get your thinking caps on! Of course, we can not limited by the vast, and fun selection, our theming and styling ability is far and wide! We love a challenge, so even if it is not a style or theme that we have worked with before, we would love to try something new with your lolly buffet!

As candy buffet stylists, we can deliver whatever 1st birthday lolly buffet idea you have in mind, but our experience has shown us that traditional seems to be the trend at the moment.

Yes, we can deliver younger concepts, which reflects much of what is probably already decorated throughout your child’s room (e.g. cars, princesses, jungle animals, ocean creatures, etc.). The overwhelming response from our happy mums after the event has been amazing! Mums rave about how we capture elegance and innocence together that is neither boring for the younger set, nor patronising for adults.

Added to this, a candy buffet is both contemporary as the concept is the very latest in dessert styling, but also maintains a classic touch as the lollies always indicate a hint of yesteryear for your guests.

Create your own 1st birthday party ideas!

A recent 1st birthday lolly buffet was a client that came to us with the theme or general motif of a hot air balloon that they wanted used in the event. From this we created customised chocolate bars and decorated the entire buffet with this custom theme.

1st Birthday Chocolate Bars Ethan’s 1st Birthday Finished Chocolate Bars

Click here it see more on customised chocolate bars.

Princess Theme

Tiaras and Pearls, Diamonds and Pink Hearts for pretty little Princess Daughters are a perfect theme to treat your daughter’s guests to at her 1st birthday party lolly buffet. We can customise the candy boxes with gorgeous artwork adorned with your daughters name as a special take home candy box for your guests. When creating a Princess Themed 1st Birthday, using elements such as Tiara shapes will add to Royal atmosphere, as well as provide your daughter with a gorgeous little adornment to match her dress!

Prince Theme

Nothing is more regal then a royal blue candy buffet for your Son’s 1st Birthday party. We can customise the candy to match your little Princes tastes! The lolly bar can have everything from Swizzle Stick, Sharks, Sour Straps to crowd favourites – Yummy Freckles! A candy bar can be the crowning glory to your Prince’s 1st Birthday!

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Custom Chocolate Bars Custom Pirate & Princess Chocolates


Pirates Theme

Ahoy me harties! Its time to jump on board the candy buffet sail ship, before we set off into the sunset! Our Pirate themed candy buffets are a joy for young and old – even a one-eyed, hook wielding pirate, and all of his shipmates…. We can satisfy a sailor’s apatite with our delicious treats, and customise the entire candy buffet to suit a shipwreck, or even hidden treasures!

Now, get yer swagger on an’ try some o’ our Candy aye!

Fairy Theme

If the 1st birthday party ideas your daughter is after is a gorgeous glitter floating in an enchanted forest, with dark moss, wooden features and tiny little fairies hiding in amongst branches, then look no further! Our stylish fairy themed candy buffet is perfect. We can utilise faux turf to provide a lush garden where your candy buffet will sit. Risers, designed as logs, will elevate our delicious candy display and add intrigue, creating the perfect centrepiece your daughters 1st birthday!

Jungle Theme

Adventure to the max! If your little one has an affliction to the wild, then one of our awesome jungle candy buffets are a must! We can serve up juicy snakes, fresh frogs, and wiggly worms (all jelly candy of course!!!) to your un-expecting guests! What a ride they will go on making their way through the candy bar assortment of raspberries, mint leaves bananas, and even pink pigs! Our jungle themed 1st birthday candy buffets are a hit sure to please even those who only camp 5 star! Here are some gallery images of this type of theme.

1st Birthday Donut Wall?

Yes, it is true! We can provide you with a custom donut wall with a buffet or as a stand alone. See the blog article on a 1st Birthday Donut Wall here.

Noah’s Ark Theme

Two by two they boarded the Ark, and two by two you can gobble our yummy candy up! Not only do we have an excellent range of animal inspired soft lollies and even yummy chocolate to display for your candy buffet, but our strongest point is in the details! We can completely customise the risers on your candy buffet table to feature an Ark, with your child’s name etched in to the “wood” artwork of the ark!

The Wiggles Theme

Bold bright primary colours will feature predominantly through out this candy buffet, and be assured, we will colour block The Wiggles out of your selection! The Wiggles are all about using colour to distinguish, and we will ensure that Yellow, Blue Red and Purple are featured individually to enhance The Wiggles look! The multi-coloured candy bar will match your theme perfectly.

The Candy Buffet Company’s seamless process includes the entire set up and dismantle of your child’s 1st Birthday candy buffet at your venue, classic apothecary jars, plus all the utensils that will be required for your guests to help themselves.

Booking a candy buffet with The Candy Buffet Company is stress free – we all know how crazy birthday planning can gets and the last thing you need is additional stress added to your busy day. Our candy buffets are all-inclusive with the full set up and dismantle included in the hire price. Our dedicated team will talk you through everything, from designing your lolly buffet in your chosen colours, creating custom artwork for your candy boxes with your child’s name, to contacting the venue to arrange our set up and dismantle times.

To speak to one of our lolly buffet stylists and receive a quotation for your own very special birthday party candy buffet, please contact us on 1300 924 427, or alternatively you can send us an enquiry here.

What our clients have to say:

Everything went very well, everything was amazing, there was nothing left at the end of the function. Once again thanks for organising everything for Olivia’s 1st birthday from Donnie & Kristina Mancka.

Donnie and Kristina, Proud Parents

 See more testimonials here – we have a lot as all of our clients are happy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! All of my friends were so impressed with Shiloh’s 1st Birthday Party candy buffet. It was beautiful! You thought of every last detail right down to the bling on the little personalised chocolates.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and my friends are still talking about it!!

Your company was superb from the moment I sent the enquiry through – completely professional. I am so glad we used your services and will be in contact soon – perhaps for her 2nd 😉

Annita Tomer, Mum – St Kilda

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