Lolly Buffet Hire

Looking for the assistance of a lolly buffet hire company to make your wedding day complete?  The Candy Buffet Company is the perfect choice. While lolly buffet hire companies are new to the Australian events landscape, our products are reasonably priced.  We can give you plenty of advice on the do’s and dont’s for your candy buffet.

What Do You Get With Lolly Buffet Hire

We can provide everything you need for your lolly buffet hire.

Lolly Buffet Glassware – We sanitise the lolly buffet hire glassware according to Australian food-handling standards. Remember that we are talking about glass here, so robust glassware is a must.

Table Linen – While typically choices are usually limited to black or white, we have found that most venues will supply an additional table with linen to match the rest of your party.

Silver Scoops & Tongs – We provide silver aluminium scoops and tongs – these are what give your lolly buffet that wonderful hint of yesteryear.

Risers – We include a variety of risers with matching riser paper to ensure the most impressive presentation of your lolly buffet.

Boxes/Bags with custom stickers – The cream on your lolly buffet hire is the personalisation with boxes or bags with your name and wedding date proving extremely popular. We can even add your artwork from your invitations so that the entire buffet matches your chosen theme.

Swing Tags – When guests arrive, the aroma from the lolly buffet is unmistakeable and guests will be dying to know what is in each and every jar. Rather than having them lift the lids and nabbing a sample, we attach swing tags with ribbon. This is the perfect solution and really completes the picture.

For advice on the above and much more about the ins and outs of lolly buffet hire, contact us today.