Red Carpet Ideas

Red Carpet Ideas

The Candy Buffet Company are world leaders in creating, styling and managing the perfect Candy Buffet for your event. We have over the past 5 years been able to reach uncharted heights, and surpass all benchmarks in dessert catering. Forget about cakes. The mainstream market is looking for more diverse and interesting ways to develop and style desserts and all things sweet. That is where we have our time to shine. We are able to work with our clients to assess their needs, follow their direction on theming, styling and also working with the venues existing features to create something not only truly unique, but also very fitting with its surroundings. It is our aim to not only make the entire process of working with us truly seamless, but also have the candy buffet surpass professional standards of suppliers.

When you are looking for Red Carpet Ideas for your next function, look no further then a candy buffet to suitably impress your guests. We can work with any type of theme. As the organiser, you are probably always on the hunt for new red carpet ideas. Well hunt no further, because nothing impresses guests and the paparazzi like a candy buffet. The Candy Buffet Company has helped event organisers bring theirred carpet ideas to life, allowing guests to help themselves to a box of candy while they enjoy the evening. Candy buffets can be elegant and sophisticated to suit a fashion show, or childlike to suit the younger-set. Whatever your red carpet ideas maybe, The Candy Buffet Company can create a candy buffet to match.

Red carpet candy buffets we have delivered have included:

  • The Red Ball at Crown Casino
  • The Channel 9 Publicity Christmas Party
  • The Calleija Diamonds “Sweet Rocks & Pink Candy” Vogue Even

Red Carpet Events include:

–          Movie Premiers

–          Awards Presentations

–          Product Launches

–          Publicity

–          Welcome to VIPs

–          VIP birthdays

We specialise in VIP functions, with a full understanding and observation of any privacy policies that we need to adhere to. We are happy to sign non-disclosure documents, and should it be required, we are happy not to use social media for any publicity traction. Having said that though, should you be looking to spread word on your events, our publicity department would be more than happy to report live from the scene through our endless social media avenues. We have 10,000 followers across all social media avenues, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus.  Our social media following is an active assortment of followers. From PR Moguls to past and future clients.

There are so many different themes for Red Carpet events, but allow us to take you on a journey of discovery with what we are able to create for you. We can meet and exceed any requests that you have, with a professional staff and a multitude of different props, which will ensure that our candy buffet fits in perfectly with your Red Carpet Event.

To us Red Carpet Candy Buffets need to play a part, and not just be thought of as a last minute addition. Just like any other catering, we want to be able to provide, the freshest, most delicious produce, but importantly, work with existing elements that have already been sourced, to incorporate our special little touches.

We have styled breathtaking enchanted themes, utalising fresh flowers, delecate moss bunnies and other props to transform your red carpet into a wonderland for your guests to explore and  themselves in.

Incorporating classic Hollywood elements into your Red Carpet event is a tried and trusted theme. Utilising bold bling elements in risers, centrepieces and other adornments is a great way to shoutout to the elegance of past. Rich red velvet can be used to create texture and refinement. Decadent chocolate items are an absolute must when recreating this style.

The modern vintage style is very gaining popularity for more quirky events. We can use old suitcases to elevate some jars, if this style suits, and incorporate lots of pretty colours from a pastel colour palette. Warm browns, caramel golds and blonde timber are great matches for this style.

We have worked on many Red Carpet events before.

–          Red Carpet Movie Premiers. Going to the movies is not complete without visiting the in-house candy store first. Stocking up on the largest possible box of popcorn, weaving your way through a wall of candy, and of course finally selecting your drink are staples of any movie goers’ routine. We can work with this classic memory, but step it up 100 levels. Your new Red Carpet moments will be fully branded marketing dreams. Everything from the candy and popcorn boxes (Ooh yes, we serve popcorn too!!!) to the drink container can be branded with either a logo, or the film details. This new level of detail will have your guests lining up to see which candy tantalises their tastebuds.

–          dtheir A-Frame or wall poster be erected in the most unconventional area, with little to no impact on the guests attending. Being able to promise your corporate sponsor that not only will there be ample recognition of their abundant sponsorship, but each guest will walk away with their logo, message and also a tasty little treat,  is a proven way to have sponsors sign on the dotted line. We make it easy for you to on-sell our delectable delights, as it is a wonderful marketing tool.

–          Publicity. Media people are in and out of different events day in and day out, and while they may be different events, they may not feel like it. After a while, all events tend to feel the same. The structure is similar day after day, and it can become quite tedious. We can spice things up with a candy buffet .

–          VIP birthdays. This is a special treat for VIPs, whether they be celebrities, or someone in your life who deserves some VIP treatment. We can brand the candy boxes with the guest of honours name (eg. “Brad’s 50th Birthday”) and then design the entire candy buffet around the VIP’s tastes and style.

All of our candy buffets are fully prepared by us, with intense attention to detail. Along with matching all of your elements, we also ensure that everything that we use is not only premium quality, but also symmetrical for maximum impact. All of our candy buffets are styled with delicate scoops and tongs so you won’t have to provide a thing. Our dedicated staff members are available to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Words cannot describe the popularity of the Candy Buffet! Our guests were enthralled by the unique party offering and went home very, very happy!

Ruedilyn Schwegler, Marketing Coordinator, Channel 9

I can’t imagine a better additive to any event than The Candy Buffet Company… can never go wrong with sugar and our guests went mad for it, the crew from The Candy Buffet Company did a brilliant job of setting up, serving and then disappearing into the night, a magical sweet surprise that made our night.

Xen, Trumpet Events

We booked the candy buffet company for one of our Spring Carnival Ladies luncheon in October. The buffet was extremely popular with guests with a line halfway around the room of ladies eagerly awaiting to select their lollies. The attention to detail, quality and presentation of the lollies was first class and the table looked beautiful. It certainly added to the success of our event! Thank you.

Fiona Twist, Melbourne Racing Club