Candy Buffet Canberra

As the nation’s capital, it comes as no surprise that the Candy Buffet in Canberra has taken off as the latest wedding and corporate event trend.

With such a wide variety of candy and lollies to choose from, the imagination can truly run wild when it comes to designing your candy buffet. The Candy Buffet Company has delivered lolly buffets at some of the most recognisable venues in Canberra.

Unlike the competition, our staff are professionals who love to engage your guests with friendly conversation that sets your event a buzz. In many of our Canberra events, our candy buffet has been tucked away in a secret location so that guests discover it through word-of-mouth. The lolly buffet proves to be a great conversation starter, no matter what the event and guests will spread the word, guaranteed.

If you’re looking for that signature touch for an event, but are only in the planning phases, why not utilise anyone of the great themes that Canberra can offer for an event and a candy buffet:

  • NRL Grand Final. Guests will love grazing on the candy buffet throughout the evening while they watch the action from your venue.
  • Canberra International Film Festival. Whether it be a formal event for the A-Listers or an indy film launch, a candy buffet is the ideal intermission or pre-show treat.
  • Conferences & Expos. With so many world-class conferences being held in Canberra, give your attendees a surprise that will have them hoping the event is in Canberra again next year – a lolly buffet!

We could go on, but hopefully it is obvious that a candy buffet at a Canberra event is the perfect pathway to satisfied guests, and when it comes to a lolly buffet, you need the professionals, The Candy Buffet Company.

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