Bankstown Bites Doughnut Wall

City of Canterbury Bankstown Donut Wall

Bankstown Bites Doughnut Wall Gallery Images. For more information on the actual event, please go to the City of Canterbury Bankstown Donut Wall blog entry here on the website.   The Donuts were stacked 3 high!

18th Birthday Doughnut Wall

18th Birthday Donut Wall

18th Birthday Doughnut Wall in Melbourne VIC for Luke. This event was hosted in the family home and looked great in the entry to the kitchen. Purple was the favorite colour of Luke and so Purple Donuts it was!   Everyone loved the self-service and availability of these treats on the big night!

Candy Buffet Donut Wall

Donut wall with heart design

Candy buffet donut walls make an outstanding addition to your candy buffet at your next event.