Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffets

Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffets from The Candy Buffet Company

Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffets are a great addition for this special event. This candy bar was designed to be a colourful and eye-catching statement in the amusement park styled venue. We source our Kosher products from a variety of Kosher suppliers and The Candy Buffet Company is a registered Kosher Australia provider.   To get … Continue reading Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffets

Bar Mitzvah Candy Buffet

Japan Themed Kosher Bat Mitzvah Lolly Buffet - Candy Buffet Company

Bar Mitzvah Candy Buffet – Have this conversation starter and design are a hit!  We provide both parve and milchig selections! Learn more about our Kosher events here. Click here to get a free quote!