The Creation of Sugarfina

lolly buffet by The Candy Buffet Company

Posted by: The Candy Buffet Company on Thu, May 1st, 2014 | Source: The Huffington Post How lollies brought Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick together to create Sugarfina FINDING a romantic partner on an online dating site isn’t such a rare occurrence these days. But finding a romantic partner who shares your dream of opening … Continue reading The Creation of Sugarfina

Wedding Trends of 2010

Wedding Trends blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

Come on in, step inside. Have some candy. There are homemade pies and cupcakes on the side table. Later, if you’re still hungry, you can have a midnight lunch of pizza and finger foods. No, this isn’t your grandmother’s house. These are some of the wedding trends of summer 2010. Cathryn Faulkner, catering sales manager … Continue reading Wedding Trends of 2010

New store offers sweet, cheerful treats

Unicorn pops, chocolate-flavored crayons and candy necklaces all bring smiles to the faces of adults and children alike. Those smiles can now come easier and more frequently as Kimberly Sheldon, owner of the Candy Bouquet, has just opened a shop where the young and not so young can indulge in bon bons, meltaways and Pop … Continue reading New store offers sweet, cheerful treats