Chocolate buffet to help residents breathe easier

The 11th annual Chocolate! buffet, a celebration of cocoa and sugar, can help cystic fibrosis sufferers like Sandy Springs resident Drew Dotson celebrate more birthdays. “In the 1950s, nobody made it to elementary school age,” she said. “When I was born 25 years ago, the life expectancy was 16.” Through research funded by the 56-year-old … Continue reading Chocolate buffet to help residents breathe easier

Christmas Chocolate Buffets

Christmas Chocolate Buffets are the silly season’s best offering. The Silly Season is here and with it comes an opportunity for us to spread some Christmas cheer with something that puts a smile on every face – CHOCOLATE! This chocolate buffet was put together with the assistance of Sisko Chocolate with all elements being edible, … Continue reading Christmas Chocolate Buffets

Chocolate Buffet with Sisko Chocolate

One of the best parts about running a candy buffet business is that you come across so many extraordinarily talented people. One such person is Christina Tantsis down at Sisko Chocolate.  After meeting this amazing chocolatier, we hit upon the idea to create the ultimate chocolate buffet, otherwise known as a chocolate candy buffet. Using … Continue reading Chocolate Buffet with Sisko Chocolate