Mary Poppins Lolly Buffet by The Candy Buffet Company

A spoonful of sugar

The new Mary Poppins show that has rolled into Melbourne has been met with rave reviews from all and sundry and The Candy Buffet Company was lucky enough to be invited to present a candy buffet for 200 children and parents at the pre-matinee event for Showbiz at Trunk in Melbourne.

As one of our favourite childhood musicals, we were thrilled to brainstorm all the possibilities for the candy buffet – in the end, it was a matter of having to “kill our darlings” and leave out enough items to make the candy buffet coherent. As always, the boss Claire came up with the fabulous umbrella centrepiece and the blue, red and white colour scheme almost chose itself.

Congratulations to Showbiz for a very well-run event as well as a thankyou to the families who attended with their beautifully mannered children. When it was time for everyone to leave, we would have done anything to come along to a show that ‘The Age’ described as “Perfect in every way” – unfortunately, candy doesn’t quite open as many doors as we would have hoped.

I guess we better go line up!

The slideshow of the photos from the event is presented below for your enjoyment:

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