Take me to the candy jar

Getting through a work day can be a job in itself and colleagues bearing treats is always a welcome gesture.

But a recent study has found that the office candy jar can add up to seven pounds to a person’s weight.

Cornell University found that the average American worker is packing on the extra weight  every year, despite the fact almost a third are on diets.

The easily-accessible, bite-sized treats found in offices are known to be significant contributors.

Cornell professor Brian Wansink said: ‘It’s ridiculous what it does.

‘We have found that, if you have a clear candy jar it can add up to seven pounds in a year.’

Mr Wansink, who wrote the book Mindless Eating, says that candy left out in the open can play havoc with people’s diets and will have most people reaching for some, even when they are not hungry.

The Early Show decided to put the theory to the test and left out a bowl of candies in the office.

Within a minute one person helped themselves.

Almost everyone who walked past took a candy, some people got quite excited, and only a few said no.

But Mr Wansink seemed to think that it is only a matter of time before those refusers would give in.

He said: ‘It’s virtuous the first five times, but by that ninth time it’s likely just a matter of time before you say, “I deserve that”.’

The Early Show producer Andrew Schultzman went to the candy dish six times, and said he thought he had only been once or twice.

He ended up adding an extra 600 calories to his diet. If he did that every day, he would end up packing on an extra 40 pounds a year.

He admitted: ‘If it’s there I am going to take it.’

Mr Wansink said even by moving the dish out of arm’s reach will make a massive difference.

He said: ‘They will look at that candy dish and, within seconds, will grab that candy without even thinking about it, but move that dish just six feet away and those cravings will be reduced by half.’


Source: USAToday.com


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