Pink doughnut wall blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

13 Wedding Doughnut Walls That Will Make You Want All the Doughnuts

Doughnut Walls – The Most Delicious Way to Treat your Guests

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The Doughnut Wall – Wedding decor has never been sweeter.

I thought the flower wall at a wedding I went to recently was pretty sweet, but it seems a whole lot more boring after having now seen the latest wedding trend, the doughnut wall.

The vertical snack stand is as simple as it is genius, doubling as a decorative backdrop for all those Instagram shots guests are dying to post. While it’s basically just doughnuts hanging on sticks attached to a wall, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you colour-coordinate, arrange them in the shape of your initials, or integrate some flowers, a doughnut wall is sure to impress and satisfy any sugar cravings. Plus, the yummy treats can be guests’ wedding favours to take home at the end of the day – what’s not to love?

Looking at the following pictures makes me want to get married again just so I can have a doughnut wall that resembles one of these…

1. This doughnut-cupcake combo

Wedding Doughnut Wall blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

2. This lovely lettering

Doughnut Wall blog post by The Candy Buffet Company

3. This superb selection
4. This rustic elegance
5. This pop of colour
6. This perfect pun
7. This glazed goodness
8. This fun pink and brown shading
9. This pastel perfection
10. This sophisticated stand
11. This romantic display
12. This fab frame
13. And these stacked sweets


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