Duncan never takes off without his snakes

A PACKET of lollies is all Duncan Read needs to complete a gruelling 40km triathlon adventure race.

Read, 38, of Lane Cove, competes in the Kathmandu Adventure Series, a series of six races featuring off-road running, cycling and kayaking.

Read, who is training for the next race in January, said he never left home without his beloved “snakes’’ lollies, which keep his blood sugar levels high.

A race could take between three and six hours, with a 10km kayak leg, 30km mountain bike leg and 8km of off-road running.

Read, who recently competed in a mixed race with work colleague Aimee Quinlan, said he was drawn to the sport to improve his fitness.

“I’ve started a family and had some children and I lost my fitness,’’ he said.

“I wanted to get out there and do something.

A development manager, Read rides to work and does running and cycling training in Lane Cove National Park.

Read said the races also involved a lot of map reading and orienteering skills.

“One of the great things about these races is that they are not only for competitive people,’’ he said.

“It’s also social and people do it for fun and help each other out with the map reading.

“Anyone can do it, but you need a certain level of fitness.’‘

This year’s races have taken place on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and in the Royal National Park, Sydney.

Before each race, competitors are given a 30-minute planning session to study the race route.

“It’s a mental challenge as well,’’ he said.

Source: NorthShoreTimes.com.au

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