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Easter candy costs more to make this year

Local candy makers are at the height of the Easter season, with chocolate bunnies & chicks in full production. However, the cost of making the sweet treats is up this year, thanks to recent spikes in the price of ingredients like cocoa and sugar.

“Some of it is due to natural economic progression, but a lot of it frankly is due to speculators and socioeconomic issues around the world,” says Mike Schmid, Managing Partner with Wolfgang Candy Company, Inc. in York.

Most of the cocoa used in the United States comes from the Ivory Coast, a nation on the verge of Civil War. That has really impacted price.

“Commodities are just like anything that’s traded on the open market, prices fluctuate daily,” Schmid says.

Those changes could mean disaster for some businesses, especially smaller candy producers. Wolfgang tries to lock in prices with contractors months ahead of time to avoid sharp increases in chocolate making essentials.

Some of the items for sale at Wolfgang’s Das Sweeten Haus store on East 4th street in York, have gone up in price; but overall the company is trying to keep things about the same to keep customers coming back for more.

“I think it’s one of the best chocolate candies around & I always get my Easter candy here,” says Deb Gentzler of Thomasville.

She’s buying lots of goodies at the store. Some treats will fill her family’s easter baskets, others will satisfy a sweet tooth as soon as she opens her front door.

“We got my son a one pound peanut butter egg, he’s been asking for peanut butter eggs so we got one of those, he’ll be shocked,” she says.

Many customers say even if prices of their favorites were raised, they’d still pay to enjoy it.

“If it was what I really liked, I would spend a little more,” says Faith Hostetter, of Lancaster.

“I know everything, the price of everything is going up, so I understand,” Gentzler says.


Source: Fox43.com

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