Good News for Sugar Junkies!

Have you heard the good news? With the help of a new research scientists have found that sugar may not have such a big part to play in those bulging body curves of yours.

According to the nutritional principle sugars, along with fats and salts, are the types of food which are considered fattening and unhealthy when taken too much.  However, Professor Jennie Brand-Miller author of The Low GI Diet, disagrees with the idea. According to her, sugar unlike saturated fats, Trans fats, alcohol and salt, does not do any direct harm to the human body.

Deputy Chairman of the Sydney University Nutrition Research Foundation, Bill Shrapnel also rejects the idea that people should reduce their intake of foods and beverages containing alcohol, salt, fats and sugars. He said that it is not fair that sugar has been targeted and considered evil in national dietary guidelines.

It is reported that carbohydrates are a dieter’s best friend. Sugar along with other carbohydrates provides us with the same number of calories per gram like protein, which is four. Fats however give us more than twice as much calories, nine and alcohol gives us seven.

This, however, does not give a perfect happy ending to the story. We still can’t take sugar in our foods and drinks carelessly. Sad, but true.  It all comes down to moderation. In small and moderate doses, sugar itself is not fattening. But if taken in excess it does have negative effects.  Its effects are explained in a simple way, that our liver is the site for glucose storage. Whenever we fill our body with more sugar (glucose) than it needs, our liver storage capacity becomes full. And when that happens, the excess sugar is converted by the liver into fatty acids and these are returned into the blood stream. From there it is taken to the body parts where adipose tissue tends to store, most popularly on hips, thighs, stomach and breasts.

The bottom line is, we should watch what we eat. Consuming sugar is not a “sin” as long as it’s done in moderation.



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