Halloween candy buffet designed by The Candy Buffet Company

Halloween Candy Buffet

Halloween holds a special place for in The Candy Buffet Company household. We know this is weird as our business in Australia. Many Aussies sneer at the season as little more than an American kids pastime. We couldn’t disagree more! Not only have the Yanks managed to create a great past time, but the spin that one can put on the event, no matter what their nationality, is unlimited.

Design Experts

Although this Halloween will be The Candy Buffet Company’s first (officially), we have so many ideas.  It’s hard to know where to start. Sometimes starting with the best in the business can be a good place to start. Amy Atlas’ forte is more accurately described as “dessert buffet” we think the design shown here really shows an appreciation for the sweet tooth of Halloweeners, young and old alike.

Food for thought!

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