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Michelle & Commando Eat Lollies?

Michelle & Commando

Stop the press! Michelle Bridges and Commando reveal they eat lollies and chocolates on their date nights

The healthy-eating pair shared exclusively with TheFIX that they — drumroll please — ATE JUNK FOOD the night before the Logies. Seriously.

“We watched a movie and I ate lollies and [Steve] ate chocolates!” Michelle told us. “It happens! You heard it!”

But not without a military drill earlier in the day, Steve added.

“We did a workout dedicated to one of my mates who died, he was in my military unit,” Commando said. “It’s a bit of an ass-kicker! We did that workout in the morning, we went and caught up with a mate, then we had dinner and watched a movie.”

The fitness gurus spent the Easter and Anzac Day breaks together in Sydney after Michelle’s recent whirlwind trip of the US to promote her 12-Week Body Transformation program.

“I was just saying today, I didn’t eat one hot cross bun the whole of Easter!” Michelle revealed. “Trust me, if there had been any around I would have eaten them!”

Commando, 37, lives by the Paleo diet, cutting out sugar and empty carbs and replacing them with green leafy veggies, lean protein and good fats. Dark chocolate is allowed in moderation — so that would be his pick.

Superfoods Cookbook author Michelle, 43, recently revealed to PopSugar that she has a piece of organic dark chocolate at the end of the day.

The couple couldn’t take their eyes off one another at Sunday’s Logie Awards — check out their PDA in the “Fashion Turn” booth:

Michelle wore a flowing Paolo Sebastian gown while Steve looked dapper in a Zimma Tailors suit.

“My favourite part [of the night] is now, looking at my gorgeous man in his outfit,” Michelle said on the night.

Oh, you guys.


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