Ice Lounge candy buffet Melbourne by The Candy Buffet Company

Winter Wonderland Candy Buffet Melbourne

Candy Buffet Melbourne

The Ice Lounge candy buffet Melbourne – an awesome display of chilly treats.

We created a winter wonderland candy buffet that sparkled and shined! Our candy buffet looked gorgeous in Melbourne’s unique fully frozen bar, Chill On.


When guests enter Chill On, they are given ski jackets, capes, gloves and boots to keep them warm. Everything in the venue is made of ice. The bar, the sculptures, the chairs and the tables are completely frozen. Drinks are served from glasses made entirely of ice.


We setup the lollies on top of giant ice blocks. A mixture of blues and whites, the sweets matched the chilly lighting. A custom giant lollipop brought a child-like element to the lolly table.

Our stylist chose treats that were suitable for the cold environment. Old-fashioned sweets like swizzle sticks, marshmallows and meringues were guest favourites. Of course, cupcakes and cakepops taste delicious when cold, so that was an easy choice!

A centrepiece with bare branches and little birdies gave this candy buffet a wintery feel. Even our favourite white squirrels, sitting at the centre of the display, seemed to have a sweet tooth.

View our slideshow to see photos of our delicious Ice Lounge candy buffet Melbourne treats!


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