Hawthorn Football Club lolly buffet by The Candy Buffet Company

If only we could snag one of those Jager boys

ONCE upon a time, a Hawthorn Football Club social event consisted of a sausage sizzle down at Glenferrie Oval after Thursday night training, where legendary trainer Bob Yeoman would dispense the snags and the wisdom, and fans could mingle freely with board members and players.

Much has changed at ”the family club” since then.

On Saturday night Hawthorn held its major fundraiser for the year – ”Cocktails with Conviction at Old Melbourne Gaol” – where, according to the Hawks, ”an array of cocktails on arrival including Midori illusions, strawberry daiquiris and Jager boys [sic] set the night off in style”.

Sporting Life assumes that should have read ”Jagerbomb”, which is a shot glass of Jagermeister liqueur dropped into a large glass of high-caffeine Red Bull.

Just the thing to be serving at a players’ function the weekend after Ben Cousins was hospitalised for mixing caffeine, alcohol and sleeping tablets. A number of councils across Australia have actually banned pubs from serving Jagerbombs, especially during schoolies’ week.

Sporting Life doesn’t know who made the ”Jager boy” faux pas, but when it comes to having a finger on the pulse of popular culture, the Hawks don’t have a great track record. Anyone else recall a former state premier describing himself as ”behaving like any other football-loving bogong” a few years back?

It was an attempt by Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett to embrace boganism, but few real bogans would feel at home at a Hawthorn fundraiser. The Jagerbombs would have gone down a treat, but the rest of this ”night of fun and frivolity” consisted of a tap dancing routine, a juggling act and a violin trio.

The barbecue was also out, replaced by a ”brown and gold candy buffet” serving up sugary treats, above.

A snip at $150 a head.

Source: The Age



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