Haigh’s Chocolates teams up with Coopers and Yalumba to release history-making sweets

Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh’s Chocolates teams up with Coopers and Yalumba to release history-making sweets

August 17, 2015 12:30am
Jessica GalletlyThe Advertiser

Pictured: David Jones from Coopers, Ben Kolly from Haigh’s and Louisa Rose from Yalumba with their new Haigh’s chocolates that celebrate all three companies.

FORGET the bubbles, Haigh’s is celebrating its centenary with antique tawny and beer.

Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker will today reveal two brand new products which represent a collaboration with the country’s oldest family-owned brewery and winery, Coopers and Yalumba.

The Coopers Stout Ganache, and Yalumba Antique Tawny Fig Liqueur chocolates were developed over the past 12 months to help celebrate 100 years of Haigh’s Chocolates.

Haigh’s product manager Ben Kolly said it was the first time the company had worked with a brewery.

“We have used wine before but it’s the first time we’ve profiled a winery,” he said.

“This was very different … we wanted to showcase the tawny of Yalumba.

“It was a very complex exercise to have something that doesn’t become overpowered by the chocolate.”

The stout ganache is the company’s first beer-flavoured chocolate, the making of which brought its own challenges.

“There is a bitterness in the beer and we didn’t want to lose it,” Mr Kolly said.

“We wanted to showcase the stout but also the beer-making (process) with the malt aspect.”

The collaboration is not just a first for Haigh’s but also for fellow SA icons Coopers and Yalumba, who have never had their products profiled in a chocolate.

Yalumba chief winemaker Louisa Rose said the project was fun and showcases SA’s rich history.

“They’ve put so much work not only in the balance of flavours but the fact they wanted each chocolate to have a different personality — they’re not the same shape, not the same colour and obviously not the same flavour,” she said.

“It’s been an amazing process to be a part of.”

Haigh’s today also releases a 70 per cent dark chocolate truffle showcasing American, Pacific and African cocoa beans.

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