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A Chair Made From Lollipop Sugar, Customized With Your Licks

Dutchman Pieter Brenner’s Sugar Chair might be the world’s biggest — and most expensive — lollipop for your living room.

In case you missed the New York Times Magazine’s most recent cover story, sugar is maybe, possibly, probably killing us, which makes Pieter Brenner’s exuberant little piece of furniture, shown here, a sort of cheery electric chair. The thing is manufactured out of a whopping 60 pounds of confectioners’ sugar.

Brenner, a Dutch-born, German designer who wears a Willy Wonka hat (really), claims that the Sugar Chair is the world’s “first design chair made out of pure sugar” and thusly urges folks to take advantage of the yumminess of the material — in effect, to lick it, suck it, and crunch it into a sui generis design object that’ll look right at home in the living room. “I just created a place where [the user/consumer] can be creative, so basically he is the designer, not me,” Brenner tells Co.Design. “The consumer can feel free to do everything he wants to with the form or the sugar; I have just proved an archetype.”

As to how he made 60 pounds of powdered sugar stable enough to bear the weight of a human body, Brenner is mum. (Yeah, you can sit on it, though Brenner doesn’t recommend it.) All he’ll say is that “the production method is quite complicated, because the sugar needs a while to dry” and that he worked with a “very good sugar specialist.”

The good news: The chairs are for sale — only $11,000 a pop! The bad news: If you’re American, you’ll need more than one. Sixty pounds of sugar for us Yanks is just a Saturday night at Baskin-Robbins.



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