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Order room service from Chicago’s ‘Candy Man’

Bedtime chocolates — so over.

Call downstairs for sourballs, gumdrops and other treats delivered by a happy man in an old-timey outfit. The “Candy Man” at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, A Four Seasons Hotel rolls a cart to rooms and dispenses sweets from local shop Candyality for $5 per half pound.

The Candy Man also will reveal what choices say about you. Do you like super-sweet, crunchy, fluffy or colourful candy best?

Here’s your type, according to Candyality: competitive (sugary), good listener (fluffy), negotiator (crunchy), creative (colorful).

Who is the Candy Man? He’s Sean Murphy, a front desk staffer who enjoys donning a straw hat and making guests’ days a little sweeter

This seems to be a trend:

Kimpton’s Palomar Chicago also offers Candyality’s Chicago-made treats in the lobby each afternoon — free, in big jars — including DOTS, Tootsie Pops, Lemon Heads, Junior Mints and more.

On weekends, guests at the Duane Street Hotel in New York get an unusual turndown service: a cart carrying marshmallows created by the hotel chef in unusual flavors such as cardamom and lavender.

And at London’s 41 Hotel near Buckingham Palace, guests can “plunder the pantry” free all day and night, grabbing treats that include power bars, dried apples, pistachios, cookies, sweets and more.

Have readers encountered similar sweet-treat services, other than cookies at the front desk or chocolate on the pillow




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