Melbourne Football Club Lolly Buffet by The Candy Buffet Company

Melbourne Football Club Lolly Buffet Pics

“It’s a Grand Old Flag”

The Melbourne Football Club Demons hosted a “Foundation Heroes Dinner” on 4th August 2010. The dinner was the third major Debt Demolition fundraiser. Melbourne supporters rallied to raise the funds needed to get on top of the club’s debt. The world’s oldest football club asked for the community’s support and that’s what they got, and more!

The Candy Buffet Company is proud to have participated in such an incredible evening!

Sporting navy blue and red, the lolly buffet looked amazing!  A turf table displayed gorgeous apothecary jars filled with sweet treats. Custom navy blue and red lollipops were created for the display.  Colourful rock candy and sour straps complimented chocolate maltballs and honeycomb.

Following on from our candy buffet at the Melbourne Football Club “Foundation Heroes Dinner”, enjoy the images from the night.

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